Mayor De Blasio Speaks About Immigration Before the West Indian Day Parade

In preparation for the New York Caribbean Carnival Parade, Mayor De Blasio spoke about the hot weather, and the positive impact that a parade such as this could have on the pride of immigrants everywhere. Mayor De Blasio was joined by his wife, First lady McCray, as she said, “caring for one another is how we always get through the tough times.

Many people were optimistic about the parade, even more so than last year, noting how there is more security than before. Rose Hill, a vendor for the parade, said via, “It’s nice to share the culture with people. This is a day that unites everybody.”

This is an article detailing the West Indian Parade in Crown Heights on Monday, Labor Day, September 3, 2018 and all that surrounds it.

I live in Crown Heights, where the festival took place. All throughout the weekend roads were closed off, people flooded the streets, and the noise level was through the roof. Men wore traditional Caribbean attire and women were dressed in flamboyant, colorful dresses with feathers all over, making some of them look like peacocks and flamingos. Though traffic was increased and noise levels made falling asleep difficult, it was beautiful to see the pride and passion of the residents of Crown Heights celebrating their culture.

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