Hurricane Florence Continues to Wreck Havoc Across the Carolinas

Hurricane Florence has killed at least 14 people in the United States so far, and more than one million people have already lost power. Flooding is also a serious problem, and as the storm moves inland these problems will only intensify. Tom Llamas, of ABC News, says, “What they’re really worried about here, is possible historic to catastrophic flooding.”

“The risk to life is rising with the angry waters. Wherever you live in North Carolina, be alert for sudden flooding,” said Gov. Roy Cooper of North Carolina. The North Carolina authorities believe tens of thousands of homes in the state have been damaged so far. 

Sunday was when the effects of Florence, a storm that was first labeled a hurricane, then a tropical storm, and finally a tropical depression, were felt most significantly. As the storm moved further inland to large metropolitan areas such as Charlotte, N.C., Florence wreaked havoc on major roads and unearthed the seemingly strongest trees. There have also been maximum sustained winds of 35 miles per hour.

Sadly, many people do not have flood insurance, so while people may have safely gotten out of their homes, they still need a place to go back to once the storm is all over. Some people surely do not have the funds to fix the damages in their homes, and so they are left with a gaping hole of devastation and uncertainty.

Authorities plan to deliver supplies to Wilmington, N.C., by air after flooded roads limited access to the city. Wilmington has been one of the cities most devastated by the storm.

Universities are announcing plans to resume classes after the effects of Florence, but UNC Wilmington has not yet announced a return plan. The school said on Friday, “We will remain closed until we can access campus to assess damage.”

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